December 18th and 19th, 2017.


Show Dates

February 2nd and 3rd, 2018.



A Family Dinner - An Original Work by Kristyn Shelley-Olsen

Directed By: Kristyn Shelley-Olsen

Casting Required: 2M/2F

Synopsis: This play is about a family dinner. The Daughter is writing a school assignment for school that contradicts the scene that is at the dinner table. The Daughter sees it unfolding as the play goes on and calls it out at the end.

Cast Descriptions:

Dad: He is an ex-football coach. Burly. Family oriented.

Mom: A non-descriptive woman who is pretty much stuck in the 1950s. She does have the urge to escape the era. Happy family mother.

Daughter: She is not really in any " group" in school. She has her writing skills. Her father's hopes of her being a cheerleader are ruined. She is a teenager.

Son: He is a popular student on the football team. Slightly burly and somewhat arrogant. He is a teenager.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays from 6:00PM-7:30PM


As Time Goes By - An Original Work by Randi Nieman

Directed By: Randi Nieman

Casting Required: 1M/1F

Rehearsals: Wednesdays from 7:30PM-9:00PM


Creative Dating

Directed By: Kristina Croes

Casting Required: 3M/3F

Synopsis: Two desperate women rob a bank - not actually rob, just delay business for a while - in an effort to get a date with the man of their dreams.

Rehearsals: Thursdays from 6:00PM-7:30PM


The Imaginators

Directed By: Bryan Braun

Casting Required: 2M/2F

Synopsis: The Imaginators is the story of three children and the power of imagination. Anne and Tim have just moved to a new town. Anne refuses to play with her little brother, Tim, fearing that kids at her new school will see them and make fun of her. Then they meet the girl from next door, the fabulous Nina Frances Elizabeth Vanderhelden. Using moving boxes and other objects found in the garage, Nina takes an eager Tim and a reluctant Anne on a great make-believe adventure.

Cast Descriptions:

Tim: Eight years old.

Anne: Tim's ten year old sister.

Nina: A neighbor girl, ten years old.

William: Nina's fifteen year old brother.

Rehearsals: Thursday from 7:30PM-9:00PM.


Peril at Pumpernickel Pass - A Melodrama

Directed By: Bryan Braun

Casting Required: 4M/8F

Synopsis: Waldo Weasel, the cobra in human form, shows up in Pumpernickel Pass with a phony gold map.  He talks lovely Buttercup O’Shay into staking him. (Buttercup runs the General Store and Lending Library.)  Alas, the gold strike doesn’t pan out, but no matter!  Waldo discovers Buttercup has a paper proving that her ancestor, the first governor of California, lent the new state a small fortune. The sum is so great it can’t be paid back, so the heir will own California! Waldo realizes Buttercup will refuse his oily offer of marriage so he plots to get rid of her and marry the next heir in line, Stella Dimdome.

Character Descriptions:

Waldo Weasel: A human cobra; no woman is safe from his treachery unless she's penniless.

Buttercup O'Shay: Our heroine; runs the General Store; out of tea, coffee, and sugar. Damsel in Distress.

Pearl Ruby Diamond: Gambling Creature. Vile.

Minnie: She thinks she's 12 years old.

Sheriff Siegfried: Our hero, protection in the Pass.

Widow Begley: Writes for the Pumpernickel Pass Press.

Mattiwalda Cribbs: Buttercups landlady.

Snipper Byrhum: Cuts hair, extracts teeth for a small, additional fee.

Stella Dimdome: Buttercup's distant cousin who stays close.

Gentleman Dan: The elixir man.

Buffalo Binnie: Operates a Wild West Show and needs to be tamed.

Annie Oatmeal: Handy with a whip, but always a lady. (May be played by a child.)

Rehearsals: Saturdays from 5:00PM-6:30PM


A Musical Review (A Compilation of Eight Musical Numbers)

Directed By: Daniel Seguin


The songs up for audition:

- "I Believe" from The Book of Mormon

- "What You Own" from Rent

- "See I'm Smiling" from The Last Five Years

- "For Good" from Wicked

- "Those Magic Changes" from Grease

- "Seventeen" from Heathers: The Musical

- "For Now" from Avenue Q

- "Mix Tape" from Avenue Q


Rehearsals: Saturdays from 2:00PM-5:00PM




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